Jun 7, 2011


wassap guys! we just want to let u guys know that we have a new weblog at

so from now on this blog is close, we'll be posting everything there instead.
make sure you check us out!

-tay faithful

May 25, 2011

Apr 20, 2011


This is a super short video documentary done by sumasiapa. The video shows short footage of MONPERA ( Monumen Perjuangan Rakyat) as one of the leisure spot in Balikpapan-East Borneo. This is a part of an ongoing project that will be compiled in to one short documentary about Balikpapan City.

Mandau International Skatepark

heya there, I got a chance to work on a video sample for Mandau International Skatepark (Balikpapan, East Borneo – Indonesia). Mandau Skatepark is the new haven for our local skateboarder/ inline skater. A few of our friends has been working very hard to propose this skate park project to the government long time ago and thanks to them we now have our own skate park. For those who don’t know where the skate park at, it’s in the Balikpapan tennis court complex, the one used for PON last time. or just visit the boys at 1story premium shop, they’ll show you the way.