Dec 23, 2010

a visit to the wild

hola mates, how was your last weekend?

last weekend we went to visit our friends who work at KWPLH Sun Bear enclosure, it's been a long time since we went there and we are glad to see that everyone there is doing fine. The trip is very refreshing and educational to all of us. It's totally recommended for all of you to come especially for those of you who live in Balikpapan.

during the visit we also shoot some video which you can see as soon as we done with the editing, meanwhile here's another preview of our upcoming products in 2011

Dec 13, 2010

different media

you guys remember daft bear from our end of 09' series?
well, we have a mini munny and we tried to paint it based on that character. I'm not much of a painter so it's really messy, but I like it anyway. hope you guys dig!

Dec 12, 2010


we're on the process of making some exclusive skate decks. Once it's out, it will be available in a very very limited quantity. wait for the announcement!