The history
from a small talk at a coffe shop by two lost boys in malaysia comes a huge urge to create a movement in their small hometown.Co-founded by bo and su/si who loves their hometown so much, The fidèle is a way of saying thank you and to give back to the city that has raised them. Officially Started in the late 2008, The fidèle is a form of local youth art movement.

The name
we have come up with many different names before ended up with The fidèle. fidèle came from a french word which means faithful or beriman in bahasa. beriman happens to be our city slogan which stands for bersih indah aman dan nyaman. all this characteristic are reflected in the society which makes Balikpapan is a great city to live in. The fidèle then became our official name which means that everyone who wear our products are the faithful.

The products
The fidèle promotes art & design to the community through the medium of fashion, by producing urban streetwear and also the authentic merchandise of Balikpapan.We're not only making a statement, we also putting East Borneo back on the map.

 The fidèle products are produced in limited quantity and there will be no restock once the product is sold out.