Feb 14, 2010

report from garage sale with owl and frey

the fidèle would like to thank all of u who came and support our garage sale!
here's some pic from the event. See you next time!


Feb 11, 2010

oprah love the fidèle

collage by enkeletestrod maniavali

Feb 9, 2010

The fidèle for balikpapan

hello fidèle! we are featured in humas pemkot Balikpapan website..
we would like to thank our dear friend gilang, mba nisa, and the entire staff of humas pemkot Balikpapan for the opportunity, we are so grateful.

ps: don't forget to visit our garage sale on 13-14th of february @ adji's garage (in front of advent church gn pasir) from 2pm till 8pm... lot's of good tuffs with low pricess :)


come and celebrate Chinese new year and Valentine with us!
get exclusive offer of good stuffs for a low price.

place : Adji's garage (depan gereja advent gn pasir)
date & time : saturday 13 feb - sunday 14 feb 2010, 2pm - 8pm

contact person
: boim 081347944373 // adji 08134223469

Feb 3, 2010


We are now available at OVIUM samarinda

TLP : 0541- 743840

Open Shop Everyday
sunday - monday:
09:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Location shophouse :
OVIUM CLOTH St M.Yamin 35 samarinda east borneo.Indonesia